Tax Lien Services

The Shandon Group is one of the few companies in South Carolina that is experienced and equipped to handle Tax Lien Portfolios! Any maintenance necessary can be handled by our knowledgeable maintenance staff or our trusted vendors ensuring you the lowest prices possible. While our maintenance staff prepares your investment for the rental market, our office personnel are advertising your investment to insure your maximum return in rental proceeds. If you decide to improve or renovate and re-sell your investment, then our agents with our sister company Devine Real Estate Group can assist you through the process. All fees and services are discussed on an individual basis based upon the services needed. Maintenance items will be on an estimate / approval system and owners will be notified if expenses will exceed a predetermined amount.

Maintenance Services (includes but not limited to)

• Exterior and Interior Structural Repairs
• Painting
• General Plumbing Problems and Repairs
• General Maintenance
• Troubleshooting Issues
• Punch List Items
• Lawncare Services
• Housekeeping and Cleaning Services
• Minor HVAC Repairs
• Securing Vacant Properties
• Appliance Repairs or Replacements
• Minor Electrical Work
• Roof Repairs
• Flooring Installation
• Countertop Installation
• Cosmetic Repairs
• Trash Out Services
• Property Checkups and Inspections
• Demolition
• Contracting, communicating and coordinating with vendors as needed to insure you the lowest prices possible!

Management Services (includes but not limited to)

• Inspecting Properties
• Representing Owners at Tax Auctions
• Legal Eviction Proceedings
• Maintenance and Repair
• Lawncare/Landscaping
• Housekeeping and Cleaning
• Coordinating with Vendors/Contractors for necessary work and insuring all work completed is up to local, state, and federal regulations.
• Advertising / Signage
       Includes, but not limited to our Website, Craigslist, Social Media,,, Loopnet, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads 
• Application Processing
• Credit Checks/Background Checks                                                                   
• Complying with Local Rental Ordinances
       Filing and updating proper rental permits
• Online Rent Payments or Contributions
• Direct Deposit and Accounting Statements
       Monthly and Yearly and 1099