Payment FAQs



How do I view or edit my Saved Payment Information?

If you didn’t save your bank information during a previous payment or want to start paying from a different account, you can edit your banking information within our Tenant Portal. To edit your saved payment information:

  • Click the Settings drop-down menu next to your name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click the Payment Settings option.
  • On the Payment Settings screen click Change under a saved payment method, which allows you to edit your existing information.
  • Enter the new data in the Payment Method section.
  • Click Save to store the information.
    • To delete information that already exists, click Remove under the given payment method.


How Do I Set-Up Automatic Payments?

If you prefer not to make manual payments each month, you can set up automatic payments within our Tenant Portal. 

To set up Automatic Payments: 

  • Click the drop-down menu next to your name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click the Payment Settings option.
  • Click Add to include a new payment method, or click Update to edit existing payment information. 
  • Check the Enable Your Automatic Payment box.
  • Choose which Day of Month the automatic payment should be made.
  • Then choose the Payment Type and, if applicable, the Max Amount that can be withdrawn each month.
    • If a disclaimer displays, be sure to read it and check the verification box.
  • Click Save, and you’re all set up!


How Do I Pay In-Person With Cash if you do not take payments at your office?

  • Obtain your CashPay ID Number.   You received your CashPay ID number with your CashPay invitation via email.  THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ACCOUNT NUMBER YOU USED TO CREATE YOUR  RESIDENT PORTAL.  This number can also be found in the Notes and in the Documents section of your Resident Portal.
  • Go to the CheckFreePay location of your choice. Your rent payments can be paid at every Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Ace Cash Express location or go to for more options and to see what is closest to you.   Out of town and need to pay rent?  Type in the zip code of your current location.  There are CheckFree locations in every town in the US. Head to the Money Services or CheckFreePay area of the store to get started!
  • Tell the cashier that you’re making a PayLease Community Payment and present your CashPay ID number, your cash payment, and if your payment is more than $900, your photo ID. At some locations, you need to fill out a CheckFreePay slip. We have attached an example  of the pay slip below.  Each location charges $4 to use this payment service. 
  • You are finished!  Make sure to keep your receipt! Your payment will automatically be sent to us and will upload to your Tenant Portal under the Transactions tab. 


Can I Mail A Check?

Of course!  We  continue to accept certified personal and business checks via mail.   We  CANNOT Accept money orders for security reasons. You can mail  your certified, personal, or business check them to our mailing address: 

The Shandon Group 
2320 Devine Street
Columbia, SC 29205

Be sure to allow enough lead time for your payment to arrive before  5 p.m. on the 5th day of the month.  



How do I create my Resident Portal?

  • Click here to access the Resident Portal
  • Click Sign Up and follow the directions.
  • Enter your Account Number , Email Address, and any other validation fields that display on the page. You will use this email address to log into the Tenant Portal in the future.
    • What if I can’t find my account number?
      • Please check your email inbox and spam folder for an email from The Shandon Group containing your new Property Account number.  This is different from your CashPay CheckFree account number!  Still can’t find it? Text us at 803-291-4817 or email us at or call us at 803-779-6131 and request your account number.  Note—Each property address shares one  unique account number regardless of the number or roommates.


What can I do through my portal?

    • Pay your rent or other charges
    • Check your account balance
    • Submit maintenance requests
    • View your tenant files
    • In 2023, you will be able to view, print, and renew your lease through your portal


What if I forget my password?
Click here to access the Resident Portal and click “forgot password”

How do I see charges and payments?
On the navigation menu, click on “Transactions”

How Do I Submit or View a  non-urgent Maintenance Request?
Manage and Submit Requests Through Your Portal:

  • In the navigation menu at the top of the screen, click Service Issues
  • Click Add Service Issues in the top-right corner of the Service Issues screen.
  • Fill out the form, including a title for your maintenance request, a description of the problem, and any additional information you feel is relevant.
  • Optionally, click Attach to include a picture or document to your service request.
  • Finally, click Add Service Issues to submit your maintenance request.
  • To view Previous Maintenance Requests:
    • In the navigation menu at the top of the screen, click Service Issues
    • The updated status of your service request will be updated here.Remember, you  are still able to make requests through the link on our website under the Tenant tab or by emailing